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Living life out-of-order, one confusion at a time

Adventures of a supposedly adult geek

My fandoms have suitgasms
In a nutshell: I'm a costume designer, an administrative ninja, and an all-around geek. And a bit of a spazz. I can be fun in the right crowds, but otherwise am socially awkward and have anxiety around meeting new people not in my "circles".

If I could fit my personality into one little blurb, I wouldn't keep a journal. And if you think you know me, trust me, there is always more to discover. In fact, I am discovering new facets of myself every day.

I'm short,stubborn, loyal, paler-than-pale Scottish/Irish with a bit of Swiss-Austrian, and just a tad more than a bit crazy. Oh yes, and there is the hint of obsession when it comes to certain fandoms...

I love all kinds of random music from Alternative to Techno/Trance to classical to Broadway to Pop to Rock. There's not much I won't listen to. I love reading...mostly Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Historical Fiction. And comics. And biographies. Pretty much the same things when it comes to tv and film...though current largest obsessions are anything in the Marvel Universe, Glee, Arrow, Welcome to Nightvale, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Inception, Sherlock, and Game of Thrones.

I sew. I sew a lot. I obsessively research my sewing. I also am my own worst critic and over stress about every little stitch. I watch a crapload of movies, all for the sake of “costume research”.

I currently RP Tony Stark, Phil Coulson, Billy Kaplan, Captain Jack Harkness, Eames, The Joker, and Blaine Anderson. I write many others. They take over my brain more often then I'd like to admit, and they are quite loud. Yes, I may have conversations with them in my journal occasionally. Yes, they sneak into my real life and affect my wardrobe. Don't judge me.

I will rarely talk about religion or politics, though I have very very VERY strong feelings on both. If you want to know, feel free to ask. I have no problem sharing my opinion, I just get tired of people who can't argue or discuss things rationally.

I hate labels. But I'm a guy, who is engaged to another guy. Technically, I identify as pansexual.

goldenwolfrose and I have a daughter, who I'll refer to as Mel, the bug, or kidlet. She’s smart, loves music, she loves Buffy the Musical and Pirates and wants to be a fashion designer or actor when she grows up. Her fashion sense is...her own. And she's currently fascinated with the 80s. She likes to design clothing and adores Van Gogh. We are both very curious to see who she grows up to be…so far, she seems to be following in the family tradition of defying labeling.

My partner is fiendish_thingy . He continues to amaze me on a daily basis, and I will do anything I can to support him and his happiness. We defy stereotypes, laugh at labels, make our own traditions, and believe normalcy & sanity are over-rated. We are just us. And we’re quirky, to say the least. Our household is full of love and ridiculousness, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Nope, can't think of anything else impressive to say. Or unimpressive, for that matter. Look at my interests. Read my journal. There ya go. ;)
10.5, accents, adventurer's club, agent phil coulson, alan rickman, angelina jolie, animaniacs, anne of green gables, anthony stewart head, avengers, avonlea, bagpipes, batman, batman the animated series, belly dancing, benedict cumberbatch, billie piper, books, british literature, buffy the musical, buffy the vampire slayer, captain jack sparrow, celtic, celtic music, charles dickens, charlotte bronte, chinese food, chocolate, chris colfer, cirque du soliel, coffee, corsets, costumes, costuming, cuddling, darren criss, david tennant, disney, disneyland, doctor who, dogma, dollhouse, dressing up, eliza dushku, enigma, epcot, erotica, evanescence, ewan macgregor, fanfiction, fantasmic!, firefly, flirting, flogging, gareth david lloyd, gargoyles, geeks, glee, goth, halloween, harley quinn, harry potter, harry potter books, harry potter movies, haunted mansion, heath ledger, ianto jones, inception, indiana jones, iron man, italian food, jack harkness, james marsters, jane austen, jason issacs, jim henson, john barrowman, johnny depp, joker, jungle cruise, kevin smith, kevin smith movies, l.m. montgomery, labyrinth, las vegas, les miserables, loreena mckennitt, louisa may alcott, lucius malfoy, makeup, marion zimmer bradley, marvel, matt smith, mists of avalon, monty python, moulin rouge, movies, muppets, musicals, new wave music, nightmare before christmas, people-watching, phantom of the opera, pirates of the caribbean, remus/sirius, renaissance, renaissance faires, rose tyler, rubber duckies, sarah brightman, scottish, seattle, serenity, severus snape, sewing, shakespeare, sherlock holmes, showtunes, singing, spike, star trek, star wars, tattoos, tenth doctor, the dark knight, the princess bride, theater, thrift stores, tim burton, tim curry, tony stark, torchwood, tower of terror, toxic audio, vampires, victorian, vincent price, walt disney world, white christmas, whose line, wicked, william shakespeare


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