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[sticky post] The Voice List

Hawkguy stupid
Okay, here goes...the constantly evolving list of the voices/muses/characters. This is by no way set in stone, nor does it cover everyone I've ever had wander through my head. NONE are "pure" canon, most have some pretty intricate head canon. Let me know if you want to play with anyone!

Please feel free to send them messages, and I'd love to RP, any time, day or night!

NOTE: Characters with a (*) are in an exclusive ship pairing already, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t fair game for gen RPs!

Updated 12/30/14 (a.k.a. "I surrender")

Newest Resident:
The Baker - Into the Woods

Tony Stark *(movieverse/comics mix, movieverseAU, worshipverseAU) - Iron Man/Avengers
Jack Harkness *(Post COE, Future!Jack, Face of Boe) - Torchwood/Doctor Who

Peter Quill/Star Lord - Guardians of the Galaxy
Agent/Director Phil "Cheese" Coulson* - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D./MCU/Marvel Comics
Billy Kaplan "Wiccan"* Young Avengers/Marvel comics
William, heir to the House of Magnus* (Marvel House of M AU)
James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes/Winter Soldier** - Captain America/MCU
Eric Lehnsherr "Magneto"* - X-Men: First Class
Logan/Wolverine - Marvel Comics/X-Men movies (to an extent)
Leo Fitz - Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel - Marvel Comics
Ororo Munroe/Storm - Marvel Comics/X-Men movies (to an extent)

Cecil Gershwin Palmer* - Welcome to Night Vale
Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy - Star Trek (reboot)
Jareth* - Labyrinth
Joker* - Nolan!verse/comic/animated mixed Dark Knight
Mr. Eames* - Inception
Sirius Black* (Marauder/Young adults) - Harry Potter
Kurt Hummel* - Glee
Blaine Anderson* - Glee
Tommy Merlyn - Arrow
Oliver Queen - Arrow
The Master** (Simm!Master, Harold Saxon, YearThatNeverEnded!AU) - Doctor Who
Koschei* (young Academy Master)- Doctor Who
Dr. John Watson - Sherlock Holmes (Movieverse)
Sherlock* - Sherlock (BBC)
Lestrade - Sherlock (BBC)
Malcom Reynolds - Firefly
Captain John Hart - Torchwood
Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin - Once Upon a Time
Bill Tanner - Skyfall (and other recent James Bond films)
Diaval* - Maleficent
Dr. Hannibal Lecter* - Hannibal
Milo Thatch - Atlantis
Graverobber* - Repo!
Sweeney Todd - Sweeney Todd
Four/Tobias - Divergent
The Giver - The Giver
Jamie Fraser* - Outlander
Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin - Gotham
The Baker - Into the Woods

THE VAMPIRES (by age, oldest to youngest)
Eve* - Only Lovers Left Alive
Eric Northman* - True Blood
Lestat* - Interview with the Vampire/Queen of the Damned (movies)
Spike (William the Bloody, souled!Spike)- Buffy

Sigyn* - Norse Mythology
Elsa - Frozen
Merida - Disney's Brave
Gretel - Hansel and Gretel, Witch Hunters

Captain James Hook - Peter Pan (2003 live action)
Killian Jones/Hook - Once Upon a Time
Captain Jack Sparrow* - Pirates

Tarrant Hightopp* - Alice in Wonderland
Hatter* - Alice (SyFy)
The Mad Hatter/Jefferson - Once Upon A Time

Lucius Malfoy (First War) - Harry Potter
Lucius Malfoy (Post Second War) - Harry Potter
Handy (10th Doctor Metacrisis) - Doctor Who
Eleventh Doctor - Doctor Who
Gambit - X-Men, the Animated Series
Merriweather (AU) - Sleeping Beauty (Disney)
Remus (young adult, Professor) - Harry Potter

Barry Allen - Arrow/Flash

Friend Requests

Hawkguy stupid

image credit to dreaming_art

A lot of the personal stuff in this journal is now friends locked. If you're not friended, you'll see occasional general rambling and non-monumental stuff. Please comment here to be added if you care about the nitty gritty of my un-exciting personal life!

There will be stuff about Gender & Sexuality: I am not vanilla. I do not fit in a box. You have been warned. May discuss mature topics.

Everything else is just about my regular life - work, family, dance, fandom, blah blah blah.

Thank you!

Glee Season Finale - Reaction to "Goodbye"

To say I had strong reactions to last night’s episode would be quite an understatement.

Cut for feels and spoilers and ranting...Collapse )

Gally Recap!

Hawkguy stupid
So I am NOW suffering from delayed-onset con crud. That's what I get for being rather smug I hadn't fallen prey to it like my roommates.

I really meant to recap and post pics before now, but alas, I am SLOW. And busy. As per usual, real life pretty much attacked me once con was over.

Abbreviated RecapCollapse )
All pics are up on facebook - hopefully there will be more as my roommates upload theirs too. Hopefully some of me as Jack. I swear, the Master is taking over bit by bit. I was in the Jack costume way more, but not much photographic evidence! But here are just a couple of my faves:

Pictures!Collapse )


master power
Okay kids, I'll be on the internet for the rest of today, and then we leave for Gally tomorrow. This means no real internet access till I'm back on Monday night, but I do have access to my email, facebook, and twitter on my phone - depending on reception, of course.

Look for me and my group, we love to play and pose for photos! Also volunteering, so I'll be around. PM me/email me/facebook message me if you need my phone number for texting. Otherwise, I'm @brilliant_snark on twitter. :)

Those of you going, can't wait to see you!

Those of you not going, I'll miss you!


Unrelated: Glee last night? ALL THE FEELS. I don't have the brainpower to talk about it right now, but OH DO I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT.

Gallifrey One: Sooooooooo close!

Hawkguy stupid
Work is stressing me out, life is stressing me out, so I'm SO GLAD that I have a four-day weekend and that as of Thursday I'll be at Gally. :)

I'm excited to slip into my costumes, to see old friends, and to just get lost in the crazy for a few days. We're volunteering a bit, and we have some photoshoot plans. :) Mel is excited to dive in to everything, I just have to remember to feed her. So basically, we'll be all over the place. As a reminder, we're coming in Thursday afternoon and staying till Monday morning.

If you're coming, I'll be updating our plans/locations via twitter when reception allows. We'll have ribbons! Also, be sure to stop by the art show - my fiendish_thingy has submitted art!

My haircut got a bit carried away, so my hair is not quite appropriate for my costumes, but damn it feels good to have it cut. Whatever, my costumes are more about attitude than accuracy at any rate.

So find us! Depending when you see me, I'll be Jack or Simm!Master, accompanied by either Ianto or Lucy, respectively, played by my dear narrativeliving. We will also be accompanied by either a rather short Jenny, femme!11 or terrifying tiny Weeping Angel. TERRIFYING, I tell you (despite the rather thrown-together, not as accurate as I'd really like to do, but I kept reminding myself she's 9 and will grow out of it and probably want it off after a couple hours, costume). And of course, the part of My Doctor is always played by fiendish_thingy. ;)

I can practically taste the whiskey sour already...

Ribbons for Gally?

Hawkguy stupid
Okay guys, if I order them this week, I can still get ribbons for Gally. I'm forgoing any for myself (*sadface*), but I want to get some for my 9-year-old daughter to hand out. I figure, as an adorable cosplaying kid, people may want to give her ribbons anyway. But to ensure successful acquisition of many ribbons, having some to GIVE will help her even more. However, I'm still arguing a) If I should really spend money on this for her and b) what the heck to put on them. My first thought was based on her most elaborate costume, until I realized that she may decide after just a short time in that getup (which involves wig and makeup and layers)that she wants out of it. So probably best not to base things around that costume. So now I'm looking for something more generic yet clever. For a 9-year-old Who addict who loves David and Matt equally but loves the monsters the best.

Ideas? Thoughts? Should I bother?

Gallifrey One Roll Call!

Hawkguy stupid

Below, please find a lovely little poll as I start making plans.

Poll #1809794 Gallifrey One 2012
This poll is closed.

Are you attending Gally this year?

What the hell is a Gally?

Will you be at lobby con Thursday night?

What the hell is Lobby Con?

Do you need a room? (because I might have an extra)

Already got one with 12 of my closest friends!
Yes, we should talk!
You mean I can't just stay at Lobby Con every night?

Do you want to meet up during the con?

Yes, let's have shenanigans!
No, I like being a hermit.

If you want to meet up, what's your badge name? :)

If you cosplay, what costumes are you bringing this year?

Can I play with you in-character?

Due to time and budget constraints, it looks like I get one more year in my REALLY non-accurate Jack costume. Eh, it's recognizable and that's enough. But it's Melissa's first ever convention, so this is exciting!

Feel free to elaborate or flail with me in the comments. :)

I can't even...

Hawkguy stupid

I can't even be bothered to format the above link nicely. Just click on it. It's horrible.

You guys, bullying has GOT to stop. We have GOT to tell our kids it's not okay to shame, tease, anything.

Mel is 9. One year younger. For those of you who've met her, you know she's unique and made of awesome. But in kid-world, unique = different. And different = not good. She's been teased in increasing amounts for years. Despite being funny, pretty, creative, smart - she feels she can't make friends at school. Her few friendships are roller coasters - one day they adore each other, the next that same friend will be exceedingly mean. It's to the point that she asks every day "Mom, what's wrong with me?" and no matter what I say, she doesn't believe she's not flawed, and she doesn't believe she's pretty. We, the adults in her life, constantly make efforts to compliment her and praise her and tell her she's rad. But until she gets the same reaction from kids her own age...

She has people who love her, and she has a therapist. But for fucks sake, why can't she just have some other kids see her for how awesome she is?

This scares me, guys. I just want to hug her forever and make sure nothing bad ever happens to her, but sadly, I CAN'T always be there. I wish I could trust that when she's away from me people (other kids) would just be decent humans to her.

Hi there!

Hawkguy stupid
How are you today?

Come talk to me. Any topic you want. Personal, fandom-related, the weather, whatever.

Just...stop on by the comments and let's chat. :)

(In-character comments/rp and gifs are also welcome!)